Rocky Mountain Fire Station

Rocky Mountain fire station had hired a pervious contractor to do their floors, but after just six months it was starting to peel up. We were hired to come in and grind down the existing floor surface and polish the concrete floor to make it new again.

Boulder Lumber

The store hadn’t had their floor replaced since the early 1970s. We were able to engineer a system that went over their existing VCT flooring tiles. The system we created was an epoxy base into which we incorporated sand. It was designed to hold up to the heavy use a lumber yard and retail store experiences daily – think fork lifts, palette jacks, and constant foot traffic.

Trifecta Medical

Trifecta Medical originally had us come in to stain some of their offices. But, when we got there the owner showed us the state of his warehouse. The previous contractors had done a shoddy job. They’d left track marks all over the floor and hadn’t delivered the final system the owner wanted. We came cleaned, prepped, and densified the floor to make it stronger and more visually appealing.

BMC West

BMC West wanted to update their break room. They had older tile that was dirty, dingy, and out of style. We worked with the client to do a sample board and hone in on the look they really wanted. After they approved the flooring system, we were able to come in and rip out their old tile, prep the floor, and lay the coating down – all around their business schedule.


CoorsTek wanted to bury the old railroad tracks (dating to the 1880s) that used to bring in materials for the kiln so that they can make a museum. We were able to come in and give them a monolithic floor. We also did the line striping.